ISSN 0379-153X
Volume 43, Number 1
Polym. Korea 43(1), 1-167
January 25, 2019
 21 articles
1-9 Evaluation of Peeling Property of Polyisoprene-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Kim YS, Cho HJ, Jung YC, Lee SY
10-16 Thermal and Mechanical Properties of PET Copolymer Containing Bis(dimethyl hydroxyethyl) Tetraspiro Undecane
Jeong SH, Lee YS, Yoon KH
17-31 Simultaneous Co-preparation of Polyol and MCC by the Liquefaction of a Biomass and Its Optimization
Lee EJ, Park YJ, Kwon HS, Ha KR, Lim KH
32-37 Effect of Post-sulfuric Acid Nano-fibrillization Process on the Coating and Barrier Properties of Cellulose Nanofibril
Kwak HW, Heo JE, Her KG, Lee HH, Jin HJ, Shim BS
38-45 A Transparent Cyanated Polyimide Gate Dielectrics for High Performance Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Baek YH, Li X, Chaudhary P, Park CE, Han SS, An TK, Kim SH
46-51 Pseudocapacitive Polydopamine Functionalized on Reduced Graphene Oxide as Hybrid Supercapacitor Electrodes
Kim SK
52-59 Epoxy Networks Cured with α,ω-Diamino Polyoxytetramethylene in the Presence of Polyoxytetramethylene-coated Silica Nanoparticles
Jafari-soghieh F, Behniafar H
60-68 Cure Behavior and Toughness Properties of Polyethersulfone/Multifunctional Epoxy Resin Blends
Won JS, Lee JE, Park JK, Lee MY, Kang SH, Lee SG
69-76 Synthesis of Semi-IPN Polymer Electrolytes Containing Binary Lithium Salt and Their Electrochemical Properties
Yoon KY, Ryu SW
77-84 The Tactile Assessment of Skin Materials in Automotive Interior
Lee KH, Jung JS, Han SW, Ha JU, Lee HW, Oh JS
85-91 Effect of Sulfur Diradicals on the Rheological Properties of Polycarbonate, Poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) and Polystyrene
Chung KM, Kim HS
92-98 Microencapsulation of Thermoplastic Polyurethane by Solvent Evaporation Method
Park CS, Lee JW, Jo NJ
99-105 FTIR Spectroscopic Studies of Thermal Curing Behaviors of Photo-Curable Acrylate Mixtures
Wang HS, Lee SH, Bu SH, Song KG
106-112 Shape Memory Polymers Based on Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Grafted with Poly(ethylene glycol)s
Park HE, Lee JW, Chae JW, Sang JS, Oh KW, Park JH
113-122 Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Poly(L-lactic Acid) Films Plasticized with Propylene Carbonate
Lee GG, Lee HM, Kim YH
123-131 Synthesis of Star-Shaped PLLA in Bulk and Solution Polymerizations with Multifunctional Amine Initiators and Comparison of Their Crystallinity
Jung HY, Ko YS
132-138 Study on the Micro-Bonding Test Droplet Fabrication Method of PP-GF Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
Kim SH, Um CH, Ko YK, Lee PC, Park CH, Ha JU
139-143 Study on Water Uptake in Polyamide-based Metallic Nanocomposites
Lee PC, Kim BR, Um CH, Kim SH, Lee HU, Ha JU, Jeoung SK, Shin DH, Jung WS
144-150 Flexible Adaptive Solar Control Smart-films Comprising Thermo-responsive Hydrogels with Silver Naopatterned Substrates
Kim DW, Yoon JH
151-155 Application of Imidazole-based Antistatic Coating on Optical Lens
Kim JY, Kim HJ, Noh HR
156-167 Microencapsulation of Eicosane with Suspension and Emulsion Copolymerizations of PMMA: A Qualitative Evaluation of the Effects of Comonomers and Crosslinkers
Choi BN, Kim JS