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The Polymer Society of Korea was founded by 180 attendants on October 8, 1976.
The first president group consisted of 14 members; a president, two vice presidents, two auditors, three directors, a chief secretary, an editorial secretary, a planning secretary, an organizing secretary, a financial secretary and a general secretary.

As of today , the society consists of 4 local sections, an advisory council, 7 operation committees and officers.
Officers are made of a president, a chief vice president, five vice presidents, two auditors, a managing director, a general director, 49 ordinary directors and 22 operating directors. The number of total members of the society is now up to 4,500.

The aims of the Polymer Society of Korea are to contribute to the development and propagation of science and technology of polymer-related chemistry, physics, biology and engineering, and thereby to promote the polymer science and polymer industry.
The Polymer Society of Korea is publishing 3 journals; "Polymer(Korea)" (Korean&English, bimonthly), "Macromolecular Research" (English, monthly) and "Polymer Science and Technology" (Korean, bimonthly).
(06242) 서울시 강남구 강남대로 354 혜천빌딩 601호 상호명:(사)한국고분자학회
TEL:82-2-568-3860, 561-5203, 569-3860 FAX:82-2-553-6938 사업자번호:220-82-00411 대표자: 이준영
Hyecheon Building(Room 601), #354, Gangnam-Daero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 06242, Korea

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