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The journal titled "Polymer Science and Technology" " was founded as a technology newsletter by the Polymer Society of Korea in 1990 and has played an important role in communicating the state-of-the-art information for developing polymer science and relevant industries.

This journal features a special article composing of more than 5 reviews which are selected through in-depth discussions by the editing committee with experts from businesses, universities, and institutes, which is followed by information on the latest trends in technology about general reviews and technology news as well as other columns titled coffee break, the introduction of department related macromolecules, the introduction of companies and products, patent-related information, and member activities and so on. The journal, as a source of providing a variety of information with you, is published six times a year and has sincerely acted as a bridge between businesses, universities and institutes.

As information technology (IT), bio-technology (BT), and nano-technology (NT) develop and even as they blend with one another, which accordingly accelerates growth for those three technologies on a synergy basis, as of late, the journal provides good and faithful reviews written by experts who serve on the front lines of those high-tech fields, drawing particular attention from the members and contributing to the development of domestic polymer science and technology.
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