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2021년 춘계 우수논문발표상 수상자 명단
작성자 관리자  |  작성일 2021-04-08   |   조회수 4725
2021년 춘계 Virtual Lightning Talk Session 우수논문발표상 수상자 명단

발표자성명 발표자소속 제목
Jingyuan Huang 고려대학교 ATP Recognition Based on the FRET from Organic Semiconducting Molecules to Cy3 Fluorophores
MD LEMON HASAN Korean Institute of Science and Technology Neural Interfacing Biomaterials Surface-functionalized with Neural Specific Lipid Bilayers
Wahyu Martumpal Hamonangan KAIST Osmosis-mediated Microfluidic Production of Submillimeter-sized Microcapsules for Cosmetic Application
강주연 한국과학기술원 Vapor-Phase Synthesis of High-k, Ultrathin Polymer Dielectrics with High Crosslinking Density for Low-Power Organic Thin-Film Transistors (OTFTs)
권나연 고려대학교 Crosslinkable Conjugated Donor and Acceptor Polymers Bearing Vinyl Moieties in the Side-Chain for Improving the Stability of All-Polymer Solar Cellsall-Polymer Solar Cell
김건우 포항공과대학교 Extremely Fast Electrochromic Supercapacitors based on Mesoporous WO3 Prepared by an Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly
김금비 부산대학교 4D Printing of Humidity-Responsive Liquid Crystal Elastomer Actuators
김기승 한국생산기술연구원/한양대학교 A Highly Transparent and Self-healable Elastomer Based on Heterocyclic Isosorbide Oligomer with Excellent Mechanical Properties
김기태 충남대학교 비등방성 액정형 고분자 기반 3차원 미세 패턴 형성 기술
김성환 서울대학교 Synthesis of Poly(disulfide)s with Narrow Molecular Weight Distributions via Lactone Ring-opening Polymerization
김영건 한국과학기술원 Designing Macroscopic Photonic Surfaces with Deformable Photonic Microcapsules Containing Colloidal Crystallites through Second Assembly
김영규 단국대학교 Directed Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles on Soft Nanostripe Patterns
김예은 성균관대학교 Antioxidant Hydrogel Patch for Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis
김은지 KAIST Molecular Weight Dependent Morphological Transition of Bottlebrush Block Copolymer Particles
김지윤 한양대학교 Development of Respiratoid for Cellular Respiration in Tissue-engineered Cells
김지혜 서울과학기술대학교 Facile Fabrication of Polyaniline Films with Hierarchical Porous Networks for Enhanced Electrochemical Activity
김태민 중앙대학교 Short-term and Long-term Memory Effects of Polymer Transistors with a Buffer Layer of Insulating Polymers
김형준 한국과학기술연구원 Fiber Optoelectronic Devices with Spirally Wrapped CNT Microelectrodes Beyond Geometrical Limitations for Wearable e-Textile Applications
김효진 숙명여자대학교 Thermoplastic Polyurethane Containing Multiple Self-Healing Moieties
문정빈 성균관대학교 Rutile TiO2 Microspheres and Its Mie Scattering
박건형 한국과학기술원 Micropatterned Chiral Liquid Crystal Templates Fabricated with Topological Defect Engineering
박기현 한국과학기술원 Optical Activity in the UV-NIR Region by Controlling Structural Chirality at the Molecular to Micro Level
박민주 광주과학기술원 Molecularly Programmed Helical Assembly of Conjugated Polymers by Supramolecular Chiral Transfer
박용천 한국과학기술원 Induced Thermal Residual Stress for a Highly Bendable Thin Film Encapsualtion
박진석 서울대학교 Preparation and Characterization of Lignin/PVA Composite Fiber Crosslinked with Bio Aldehyde for Removal of Hexavalent Chromium
송의선 한국과학기술연구원 A Novel Corneal Endothelial Cell Carrier Using Biodegradable Polymer and Mesenchymal Stem Cell-derived Matrix
양희수 이화여자대학교 Bottlebrush Polymer Gate Dielectrics for High-Mobility and Air-Stable Organic Field-Effect Transistors
오종원 UNIST Polydiacetylene Microstructures for Dynamic Multi-modal Holographic Signals
유혜빈 포항공과대학교 Generation of Ion-selective Membranes Using Ion Recognition Channels
은형주 아주대학교 Effective Dark Current Suppression for High-Detectivity Organic Near-Infrared Photodetectors Using a Non-Fullerene Acceptor
이대환 포항공과대학교 Suppression of Voltage Loss by Solid Additives in Organic Photovoltaics
이서구 인하대학교 Phase-Separation Strategy for Synthesis of Extremely Negative Triboelectric Polymeric Sulfur Blends
이시민 아주대학교 Injectable Hybrid Hydrogels with Versatile Properties for Various Biomedical Applications
이진형 부산대학교 Reprocessable and Reprogrammable Liquid Crystal Elastomers Using Poly(ether-thiourea) as Dynamic Crosslinker
이채영 한양대학교 All-Photopatterned, Fully Stretchable Ion Gel-Gated Transistor Array Based on Flexible Photo-Crosslinker
이희은 인하대학교 Magnetic Assembly and Swimming of Multiple Ternary Polymer Nanocomposites
인예령 서울시립대학교 Effective Strategy for Ultra-Low Power Electrochromic Heat Shutters with Diffusion-controlled Behaviors
임가현 숙명여자대학교 Study on Degradable Behavior of Eco-friendly Thermoset Polymers
임민우 전북대학교 Color-Tunable Smart Polarizer Using Perylenediimide-Based Reactive Mesogen
임상구 부산대학교 Painless Transdermal Delivery of Therapeutic Peptides for the Treatment of Scleroderma
임송현 서울대학교 Controlled Delivery of Senolytic Drug Inhibits Disc Degeneration and Restores Disc Structure
전나영 광주과학기술원 Supramolecular Hybrid Nanohelices Guided by Enantiomeric Peptide Assembly
전혜원 아주대학교 Highly Sensitive, Selective, and Rapid Response Colorimetric Chemosensor for Naked Eye Detection of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas under Versatile Conditions: Solution, Thin-Film, and Wearable Fabric
정태훈 포항공과대학교 Phase-separated Hydrogels with Embedded Nanogels to Improve Shrinking and Re-swelling Processes
조슬기 단국대학교 상분리법을 이용한 항균 및 방오의 이중기능을 가지는 일라이트/폴리프로필렌 나노복합체 코팅의 제조
조웅비 인하대학교 Shape-reconfigurable rGO Patterned Azo-LCN with Tailored Mechanical and Electrical Properties
조혜성 포항공과대학교 Aptamer-Directed Covalent Conjugation of DNA to an Intact Protein
최연규 연세대학교 Graphene Oxide Nanoribbon Hydrogel for Scalable Fabrication of Nanofiltration Membrane
최지성 경희대학교 High Refractive Index Thermosets from Linear Polysulfide Polymers
함예은 인천대학교 Enhancement of the NO2 Gas Sensing Abilities through Strong Gas Interactions by Modification of Interface Properties
홍동기 서울대학교 Synthesis and Characterization of All-Solid-State Polymer Electrolytes Based on Anion-Trapping Boron Moieties and Polysiloxane for Lithium Metal Batteries
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